Plastic Adirondack Chair — So Wrong!

Plastic Adirondack Chairs

Talk about bad design! Take a simple chair, designed to be made from dimension lumber, and make it out of molded plastic in hideous colors. Be sure to mold in faux “wood grain.” Then make the arms slope too much to set your morning coffee mug on them or to hold your afternoon gin and tonic.

The originals were never really comfortable to sit in, compromising comfort for simple use of materials at hand. Their advantages are that they are utilitarian, simple, sturdy, and provide adequate outdoor seating for lounging, reading, or summer conversation.

If the design insult is not enough, then post rules of use on the front of the seat to insult our intelligence — don’t stand on the seat nor sit on the arms (I guess you can stand on the arms, tho), stay off if you weigh more than 250#, don’t use on a slippery slope or uneven surface …

Safety Rules for Use of a Plastic Adirondack Chair

A bit of a breeze and over they go… This one tumbled toward the sea. Maybe we should have let it go. But it would have washed up, broken no doubt, on some shore along with other plastic flotsam.

Perhaps the worst thing about these is that the plastic will last longer than an Eveready Bunny! Eventually it will make its way to the sea, and be ground to bits that will clog the gills and feeding apparatus of marine life — forever.

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3 Responses to Plastic Adirondack Chair — So Wrong!

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  2. Erin Taylor says:

    Obviously, those type of plastic Adirondack chairs have bad design. They look cheap and I’m sure they don’t holdup to the elements. There are plenty of plastic Adirondack chairs that have a comfortable design and they are made to hold up to the elements. Both poly-wood and resin chairs are great. They are made from a thick, plastic lumber that is UV resistant and won’t bend or break. The seat is lower to the ground so they won’t tip over and some are designed to recline backwards. They are really expensive though. Almost $300 but, for some people, it is worth it.

  3. Chris Guy says:

    1st world problems. Skip forward 6 years since this post………these are ‘so right’. You mention that the ‘originals’ were never really comfortable to sit in – agreed…… why would anyone use it for ‘lounging, reading, or summer conversation’? If I lounge around, read, or engage summer conversation I want to be comfortable. These plastic Adirondack chairs are very comfortable and lightweight. You can move them around and the colours look fantastic and vibrant. If they get a little tired just spray them up again. As for the instructions…………..arse covering exercise – and given this chair is made in the states are you really surprised???

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