Great Breakfast at Pemaquid Point

The Sea Gull Shop has been in operation next to the Pemaquid Point lighthouse for many decades. You can find the Pemaquid Point Light in your pocket — it’s on the Maine quarter. Or drive south around 15 miles from Damariscotta through Bristol Mills and New Harbor and on to the end of route 130.

The Shop offers a large collection of — well, stuff you probably don’t need — things souvenierish and to decorate your cottage. Mostly junk in my opinion. It has a restaurant on an enclosed porch with one of the finest ocean views in North America.

They do breakfast well. Blueberry French toast or pancakes, and our favorite — Eggs Pemaquid. English muffin, two poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, and crab. The eggs done just right, the crab fresh, the sauce bright. Around $13 including all the coffee you want. Yum.

The service is prompt and friendly and you are likely to meet engaging folks while you wait for a table. Or you can browse the crowded displays of stuff you don’t need.

After breakfast, check out the lighthouse (admission is charged to the park) where they sometimes offer tours of the light itself. Learn about the consequences of a contractor who cut corners to save costs. (Salt-water mortar is NOT a good idea.)

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