Carlisle to Cleveland (Day 1)

So I’m backtracking here to catch up on the beginning of our trip…

After a busy morning on Thursday (most of our stuff left in a moving van on Wednesday), cleaning the house, excavating the refrigerator, and packing up what turned out to be more than I expected last-minute items, we were finally ready to start about 1 pm. Well, almost ready.

First we had the sacred duty of lovingly placing the cremains (ashes) of our good-dog Berry in a place near our house were he loved to walk and romp. Berry was born on the day our appointment to serve as new congregation ministers was accepted and the day we bought the house we just left. He died a year ago, marking the beginning of a long year of good-byes and grief. He was a *very* good dog, an old soul. And he had many fans as he was the star of Judy’s “Berry Stories” (morality tales for the kids in the congregation we served).

Most of the Berry Stories begin with him going out to the garage, getting into the truck, putting on the baseball cap and sunglasses he keeps hidden under the drivers seat, then strapping on his seatbelt and driving off for an adventure. That’s sort of what we did next.

We bought a used cap for the truck and it is full of boxed goods, plants, house-cleaning tools, dog stuff, and the miscellany that couldn’t go in the moving van. The car is full of our road gear, laundry, and another box of essential files, leaving room for Maya, our 75-pound female black lab, to have the whole back seat.

I drove the truck while Judy drove the car. We’re caravaning almost 3000 miles from Carlisle to Portland, OR. We communicate with Walkie Talkies and try to stay within sight of each other.

Thursday was a beautiful day. Not too hot, but sunny and pleasant. The Cumberland Valley looked quite fine, and it was with more than a bit of sadness that we said goodbye to it as we entered the first PA Turnpike tunnel westbound on our way to Ohio. The leaving is filled with both fond affection for our time there and eager anticipation for retirement and new adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

The first day had been planned to be a relatively short driving day with friends/colleagues Wayne and Kathleen awaiting our arrival at their doorstep just west of Cleveland in Bay Village. How nice to arrive and pause. The first day’s travel went well with no problems. May it continue as we head westward.

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