Bismarck to Bozeman (Day 6)

A long day of driving, some 557 miles. But all the more time to take in and marvel at the beauty of the landscape! We started out from Bismarck after a couple of significant overnight thunderstorms dropped a lot of rain and a barely tolerable hotel breakfast with horrid coffee. The air, though was clear, sunny, and cool. And our spirits high.

We made our way through the prairie of central North Dakota to the Badlands (and Teddy Roosevelt National Park) in western ND and on into the really big sky country of Montana. Then up the Yellowstone River, retracing the route Lewis and Clark took. The sudden appearance of snow-capped mountains and clear, cold rivers running fast down their beds were our grand welcome to the West. But the theme for the day would be gust headwinds — the winds blew over the prairie — and they created waves in the grass. How marvelous! How buffeting!

Amazing how many exits from I-94 have “No Services” signs and how many serve a single ranch. Seems like a major expense to provide access to one site, but what else could the road builders do?

So now we are safely tucked into a room at La Quinta in Bozeman. Smallish room, but bigger than last night’s and much cleaner and more pleasant.

About an hour east of here we saw the first accident in 2000 miles. Frankly I was surprised that we didn’t see more. Vehicle turned up on its side on a small road adjacent to the highway. Lots of emergency vehicles already there.

Tomorrow we plan to make our way to Lewiston, ID. About 200 miles west on I-90 to the outskirts of Missoula, then we turn off onto US 12 for another 200 miles. The second half on 2-lane road through the Clearwater National Forest. Looks like we should not leave Missoula without topping off the fuel.

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One Response to Bismarck to Bozeman (Day 6)

  1. Rob Fickeisen says:

    There used to be a good pizza/pasta place in a basement in downtown Lewiston…

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