Lewiston to Portland (Day 8)

The last day of travel. We awoke quite early, loaded the car and truck up, and were at a waffle place just after it opened at 6:30. On the road by 7:30 for the last leg of the journey.

Drove across the Snake River into Clarkston (and Washington), then up a long grade to the Palouse hills around Pomeroy and Dayton, past the turn off for Camp Wooten (where a regional UU family camp that I started met), and then on to Walla Walla and a stop for fuel. Appreciated the rolling hills of wheat ready to harvest and the farm buildings tucked neatly and compactly into the canyons out of the wind and closer to water.

Back on the road from Walla Walla to Wallula, then down the Columbia River to Umatilla and I-84 on into Portland. Stopped in Boardman for coffee and at Bonneville Dam for a picnic lunch.

I was amazed at the development of many wineries around Walla Walla and Touchet and even more so by the 100s of wind generators on the hilltops between Pomeroy and the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area. Much has changed in the almost three decades since I lived in the Northwest!

So now we are safely in Portland, our new home. It feels very nice to be landed, even though we won’t be in our house for a couple more days. Tom and Keith have welcomed us once again into their home and fed us well (homemade burgers, potato salad, and a lovely rhubarb pie. It is good to be here. And good to relax a bit. Maya and Tom’s pug, Lucy, seem to be getting along, which is also nice.

The overall sense of the trip is one of appreciation for the beauty of our continent, the wide diversity of landforms, and the ways the geography influences regional culture. We are so blessed to live in this wonderful place.

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2 Responses to Lewiston to Portland (Day 8)

  1. dot everhart says:

    So glad you are safely “almost home” in your new place! At least across the country without any calamities! Please keep blogging! šŸ™‚ Thanks!


  2. Sarah says:

    Welcome Home Dad! I am so excited, I can’t really believe it. Must need to come down to Portland and see you there for it to really sink in.

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