Process Theology Class — Homework for February 11

I approach learning with an androgogical frame. That is, we are adult learners, responsible for seeking out resources, choosing how to use them, and taking responsibility for our own learning. Hence the homework is optional… though I hope you will give it consideration.

I will include time in class to share — as you are willing — your responses to these two suggestions:

1. Design a spiritual practice grounded in process theology.

Some examples: What might you do to increase your powers of prehension, to take in a broader experience of the objective immortality and the eternal objects that inform your aims in the process of becoming? What would help you to attune to the allurement to exercise your free will in service of eternal objects, e.g., to bring more enjoyment to the world? What would enhance your experience of the profound nature of your relationship with all other entities?

2. Bring a piece of music, poem, scripture, art, dance, or ??? that reflects process theology for you.

This might be an original work or something created by someone else. What reminds you to focus on free will, choice of aim, and the process of becoming? What shows us that all entities are expressions of experience in constant state of becoming and perishing?

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